Nasal Cannula

     Life O line technologist is pleased to introduce new range of NASAL CANNULA . Entire range is latex free and suitable for adults, Peadiatric and neonatal. All oxygen tubing are star lumen which permits oxygen flow even if the tubing is kinked.NASAL CANNULA are available in different lenghts and can be customized.

     Product Features : Soft nasal prongs, Kink resistant, Adjustable fitting, Latex free, Unobstructive Oxygen Flow & No Irritants.

ADULT - with 1.8m. tubing
CODE Size Packing
L-1000 1.8 mtr 50 pcs
L-1001 2.3 ft Customize
L-1002 5 mtr Customize
L-1003 10 mtr Customize
PAEDIATRIC - with 1.8m. tubing
CODE Size Packing
L-1004 1.8 mtr 50 pcs
NEONATAL - with 1.8m. tubing
CODE Size Packing
L-1005 1.8 mtr 50 pcs